Sarah Kefil - Oceanography

Passionate about the beauty of nature, Sarah has already completed a Bachelor's degree in Agronomic Studies and a Master's degree in Oceanography. Today, she is a doctoral student in oceanography at theUniversité du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR).

Project: Microalgae VS Biofilm: Production of microalgal molecules to eliminate bacterial adhesion to ship surfaces

"The main aim of my research project is to exploit a natural, renewable source that respects both man and the environment. Two species of microalgae will be cultivated in a closed system while controlling the various growth parameters. The biochemical profile of each microalga will then be established, to extract interesting biomolecules (non-stick and non-toxic at the same time) in the end."

This mentored research project will take place in Rimouski in French.