Our Mission

Offer an initiation to scientific research to young people

Offer an introduction to working in a laboratory setting

Offer personalized supervision by young researchers

The InitiaSciences project aims to demystify scientific research among young people in high school and CEGEP by offering them the support of young researchers (Master’s, Doctorate or Post-Doctorate). For a school year, young people will have access to the resources of a laboratory and will be able to get involved in cutting-edge research projects. During this unique immersive experience, and thanks to the personalized support of their mentors, young students will develop many valuable skills.


Learn how to realize a professional research project and communicate its results


Learn how to work in a group, project management, and leaderhsip development

Develop Unique Skills

Reading scientific litterature in English, critical thinking, synthesis...

Personalized Mentorship

Benefit from one-on-one collaboration with young researchers


Work in recognized research laboratories in a variety of disciplines

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Presentation of the Projects

In September, mentors will visit high schools and CEGEPs to present their research projects.

Educational Workshops

After choosing their subject, participating students will benefit from workshops to learn the basics of research: What is a scientist? How do you check the validity of a source? Etc.

Becoming Part of a Team

For an entire school year, students will work in groups of two or three on their mentor’s research project.


At the end of each year, each team will present their results to their peers and our partners during the InitiaSciences symposium, will the chance to win awards for their work.

Future Opportunities

In the year following their participation, InitiaSciences will continue to offer unique opportunities to young people: publication of an article with their mentor, help supervising the new cohort, participating in other research projects.