Science Express Meetings

InitiaSciences is pleased to support UQAM - Coeur des sciences in its Science Express Meetings. This free activity, presented in a speed dating format, gives classes from secondary 1 to 5 the opportunity to meet with 5 speakers from different scientific and technological backgrounds.

Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for the 2023 edition!


Virtual workshop of 60 minutes, on Zoom, with 5 meetings of 10 minutes each. Every 10 minutes, your class receives a new virtual speaker.

Course of action

Each meeting begins with a fun icebreaker activity, followed by a question and discussion period. During each 10-minute period, only one class has a one-on-one session with a specialist. All of this is managed by our team.


Show students the diversity of careers after studying science or research. Allow them to meet and discuss with experts in various fields.


Attention, limited number of places! A confirmation will be sent to you, classes will be chosen in order of registration. Groups must be a minimum of 10 students (we encourage homeschoolers to group together to benefit from the activity).

Any questions? Contact Perrine Poisson:
or (514) 987-3000 p.1727.

Activity organized by Coeur des sciences - UQAM and supported by Initiasciences